Fall Home Performance Checklist


Check Your Crawlspace

Making a few crawlspace upgrades now will keep out moisture, improve indoor air quality, and enhance comfort throughout the whole home.

  • Make sure the drainage system and sump pump work properly

  • Have mold removed if necessary

  • Install a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture

  • Schedule crawlspace encapsulation for optimum moisture control

Optimize Your Attic

A few simple attic upgrades will go a long way in improving your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

  • Have a professional find and seal air leaks

  • Upgrade attic insulation as necessary

  • Schedule duct sealing

Insulate Other Key Areas

In addition to the attic, you may need upgraded insulation in your walls and crawlspace.

  • Schedule an energy audit to locate problem areas

  • Have new insulation installed as necessary

Find & Seal Air Leaks

Sealing holes and cracks in and around your home will keep valuable heat in and cold, outside air out all fall and winter.

  • Schedule an energy audit to locate air leaks

  • Have a professional seal air leaks with spray foam

We make getting your house ready for fall simple.
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We make getting your house ready for fall simple.

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