When Do You Need a French Drain?

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If you’re dealing with moisture issues in your yard, basement, or crawl space, digging a french drain system could be the perfect solution. Here are a few signs that your house needs a French drain. 

What Is a French Drain? 

French drains move water away from your home to prevent flooding in your yard and around your foundation. To install a French drain under your house, a trench is dug and a drainage pipe is installed. The pipe will collect standing water and carry it to a storm drain or a lower point on your property. 

You Have Standing Water in Your Basement or Crawl Space 

If there are puddles of standing water in your basement or crawl space after it rains, you should install a French drain. French drains direct standing water away from your home before it can get inside your basement or crawl space and cause damage. 

You Have a Soggy Yard and a Washed-Out Driveway 

A French drain is likely necessary if you always have a soggy yard after a storm or if your driveway constantly washes out. French drains move water away from your home to protect your foundation and prevent soil erosion in your yard. 

You’re Building a Retaining Wall 

Retaining walls need drainage! French drains often work well when building a retaining wall and can prevent water from collecting behind the wall. x

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