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When you live an hour away from the ocean, and just 15 minutes away from the bay like we do here in Easton, it can be easy getting used to having it both ways. And when you are looking to solve issues with the overall health of your home, you shouldn’t have to choose between health and efficiency — it should be both! No one understands this better than the home health experts at the Healthy Home Division of Total Home Performance. 

Nothing involving your home’s health is out of our scope of work — from the crawlspace to the roof, wall to wall, we are here to help keep your home dry, comfortable, safe, and healthy

Home Insulation, Air Sealing, and Crawl Space Encapsulation in Easton, MD

Of course, your heating and cooling system will seemingly take the blame for any of your home comfort issues. However, one of the important factors in separating Total Home Performance from standard HVAC contractors is our understanding of the latest in building science. The air sealing of your home, the waterproofing in the basement, and the insulation throughout your home will all affect your heating and cooling system, and thus your home’s overall efficiency and health. 

Whether you’re frustrated by hot second floors in the summer or unpleasant smells and unhealthy air in your home, our team can create a tight and protective thermal boundary around your living space, helping you stay comfortable and taking the pressure off of your AC and furnace to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.

Total Home Performance offers the following that can help address energy and comfort issues for your home:

Save with Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Rebates!

When choosing a HPwES contractor for your home upgrade project, you can qualify for up to $7,500 in rebates. These rebates are handled by Delmarva Power and BGE, and make it more affordable for homeowners throughout Easton to save on the projects that increase the efficiency of their homes. 

Schedule a Home Energy Audit for Your Easton Home Today

When you are trying to solve problems like high heating and cooling costs, persistent mold, or even poor indoor air quality, thinking about where to start can be intimidating. Leave the heavy lifting to us, and get started with an energy audit for your home, called a Healthy Home Assessment. This thorough and careful inspection of your home’s overall health and performance will uncover where the issues lie, allowing us to build a whole-home solution from the ground up. 

Get rid of your high indoor humidity levels, breathe cleaner air in your home, and stay comfortable while using less energy when you partner with the whole home experts at Total Home Performance!

Suffering from high utility bills or poor indoor comfort in your Easton home? Call (410) 822-1390 or contact us today to find a home performance solution. 

Save money and improve your home comfort here in Easton.

Total Home Performance can help!

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