The Cost of Not Insulating Your Attic

uninsulated attic

Your home’s attic might not be on the top of your home improvement priority list this spring, but if it’s not insulated it should be! In fact, without proper insulation and air sealing, your attic could be the source for numerous efficiency, comfort, indoor health, and even structural issues throughout your entire home. 

At Total Home Performance, we’re a team of building scientists that take a whole-home approach to home upgrades throughout the Chesapeake Bay, Easton, and Annapolis areas. We offer comprehensive attic services that include insulation and air sealing to solve comfort issues, high energy bills, and more.

Whole-Home Problems Often Start with Uninsulated Attics

An uninsulated attic is susceptible to moisture, air movement, and pollutants, which can wreak havoc on your home. There are several comfort, efficiency, and home health issues that can occur when your attic is left exposed to the elements, including:

  • High energy bills - Attics are one of the most common areas for energy and heat loss in a home, which will not only drive your utility costs up any time of the year, but also create unnecessary wear and tear on your HVAC system and shorten its lifespan. 
  • Moisture intrusion - When your attic is exposed to air movement through gaps and cracks, it’s also vulnerable to moisture intrusion. When moisture finds its way into your home, it can lead to serious problems, like mold growth.
  • Comfort issues - Without proper insulation, your attic will contribute to heat loss and gain throughout your home. In the summer, you may experience stuffy rooms, while in the winter your home will get colder much quicker. 
  • Poor indoor air quality - Insulation and air sealing close off areas of entry for pollutants and pests, like mice, ants, pollen, and more. Without this protection, contaminants like these will have easy access into your home.
  • Structural problems - Uninsulated attics are prone to ice dams throughout winter and heat gain during the summer, both of which can deteriorate your home’s building materials and weaken its structure. 

Attic Insulation + Air Sealing: A Reliable Solution

Attic insulation and air sealing work together to create a barrier that keeps your home protected from the outside elements all year long. To effectively solve the many issues that can arise from an unprotected attic, it’s important to both insulate and air seal. Insulation won’t do much to prevent air movement while air sealing won’t do much to prevent heat transfer, making both services crucial to your home comfort, efficiency, and health. Even if your attic currently has insulation, it’s probable that it will need to be removed and upgraded if you’ve been experiencing any of the issues listed above. 

Find Out What Your Home Needs with a Healthy Home Assessment

Since 2009, the team at Total Home Performance has been helping homeowners throughout Delaware and Maryland find long-lasting and dependable solutions to numerous issues throughout their homes. As a true whole-home contractor, we like to take every variable into account when making any home upgrades and recommend starting with a healthy home assessment

During this in-depth look into your home’s performance, our team of building scientists will be able to accurately diagnose indoor air quality problems, home safety hazards, attic insulation inefficiencies, and more. From there, we’ll make a customized plan of action to solve these issues for good. We can even help you find eligible rebates and incentives to make your home improvements more affordable, including a federal tax credit of up to $1,200 and Home Performance with ENERGY STAR rebates of up to $7,500!

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Your uninsulated attic could be wreaking havoc on your home.

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