Does Crawl Space Encapsulation Include Sealing Vents?

If you’ve discovered or are worried about moisture and mold growth in your crawl space, you may be considering sealing your crawl space in a process called crawl space encapsulation. There are many benefits to encapsulating your crawl space, but one question we’re often asked by homeowners on the Eastern Shore is: Should you seal the vents in your crawl space too?


As the leading contractor for crawl space services on the Eastern Shore, Total Home Performance can shed light on whether crawl space vents are necessary—or even wanted—if you’re looking to encapsulate your crawl space.

Why Are Some Crawl Spaces Vented?

In the past, crawl spaces were ventilated for the same reason why attics were ventilated: to circulate air underneath the home. The theory was that ventilation would make it more difficult for moisture and humidity to accumulate underneath the home, resulting in less mold growth, wood rot, structural damage, and unhealthy indoor air quality.


The problem with crawl space vents is that outdoor air can hold plenty of moisture and humidity, especially on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, and vents allow air to move in and out of your crawl space that you have no control over. Sticking with this outdated solution can leave your crawl space exposed to the same moisture and humidity problems you were trying to avoid by venting in the first place.

Why You Should Seal Your Crawl Space Vents as Part of Crawl Space Encapsulation Upgrades

A much better solution is to seal off your crawl space from the outdoors completely. This is what crawl space encapsulation accomplishes, through a multi-step process which includes:

  1. Crawl space inspection and repair (can include mold remediation, structural repair, and french drain installation)

  2. Crawl space insulation and air sealing

  3. Vapor barrier installation

  4. Dehumidifier installation

As you can see, not only does crawl space encapsulation protect your home from the outside elements through the addition of insulation, air sealing, and a vapor barrier, but it also mechanically improves humidity and moisture levels with a dehumidifier.


Comparing a sealed crawl space vs. a vented crawl space, you can see that a completely sealed crawl space gives you total control over your crawl space, allowing you to set the proper humidity and avoid mold, structural damage, and air that can get into your home and make your family sick.

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Sealing a crawl space can make your home more comfortable, healthy, and affordable to heat and cool. Total Home Performance is not only the Eastern Shore’s leading crawl space specialists, but we’re also one of the only local contractors who can help you qualify for as much as $7,500 in rebates on energy-efficiency services like crawl space encapsulation.

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