A Guide to Structural Damage in Your Home

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Structural damage affects the integrity of your home and can even put it at risk of collapse. The signs of serious damage usually start as something seemingly insignificant—like a crack in your drywall—but should never be ignored. In this guide, we’ll cover what can cause damage to your home’s integrity, how to identify these issues, and how to fix them. 

What Causes Structural Damage

Structural damage can involve your foundation, load-bearing walls, or roof. One of the most common causes for damage to these areas is moisture intrusion. When moisture seeps into your home—usually through walls with doors or windows—your foundation can warp and shift, putting your home at risk.


Another common cause for structural damage is poor design or workmanship. If your home’s support system was improperly installed, it can easily fail due to weather conditions or even day-to-day living. 

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore the Signs of Structural Damage

Structural issues should never go untreated as they can be a danger to your home’s integrity, and cause a collapse at any time. Here are some tell-tale signs to look for so you can know how to spot structural problems in your house:

  • Warped floors
  • Gaps in window or door frames
  • Cracks in your ceiling 

How to Fix Your Structural Problems

With structural repair services from Total Home Performance, your structure problems can be fixed! Whether you have a basement, concrete slab, or crawl space, we can help increase your home’s support with a variety of services, including beam repair or replacement and additional support installation.

Stop Moisture in Its Tracks

If moisture is causing structure problems in your Eastern Shore home, we offer several services to address the issue and prevent future damage, like:

Total Home Performance: Your Eastern Shore Structure Experts

The signs of structural damage can be subtle if you don’t know what to look for. The team at Total Home Performance is trained to spot the signs and can help guide you through the process of fixing and preventing future problems. We’re also one of Maryland’s participating contractors with Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® and we can help you qualify for rebates on a variety of structural services. 

If you’re worried about your home’s structure, call 410-822-1390 or contact us online to schedule an inspection today.

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