Should You Seal Your Crawl Space Vents?

Moisture is everywhere, especially in the Maryland air. If humid air is getting through your crawl space vents, that moisture could lead to a variety of problems with your home’s structure and comfort. But are crawl space vents necessary? 


The fact is that many homes that are built with a vented crawl space end up with moisture issues, and sealing them can provide several benefits. If your home is showing signs of moisture problems, like mold or peeling paint, call Total Home Performance to see if you should seal the vents in your crawl space. 

Are Crawl Space Vents Necessary?

Crawl spaces were originally built in order to provide access to the systems within a home, such as a furnace or plumbing. It was a general idea—and even required by building codes—that they should allow outside air into the crawl space through vents to prevent moisture build up. It turns out that these vents actually had the opposite effect and brought on more moisture problems than solutions.


In the Chesapeake Bay area, vented crawl spaces are experiencing serious mold problems that are costing owners thousands of dollars in repairs. Our outdoor air is humid and difficult to control, which makes vents a poor solution. The best plan of action to combat moisture issues from crawl space vents is to include it within your home’s thermal envelope and condition the air inside it. This is exactly what crawl space encapsulation does. 

Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation

The condition of your crawl space has a significant impact on the air and comfort in your home. Sealing it off and conditioning the space with crawl space encapsulation can have several advantages. 

Stop Moisture Damage

In humid climates, like Maryland’s Eastern Shore, crawl spaces are susceptible to mold growth from moisture. By keeping out excess moisture, crawl space encapsulation will make your home dry and safe from potentially hazardous mold.   

Energy Efficiency

Crawl space encapsulation in a home adds an extra layer of insulation. Sealing crawl space vents will not only help make your home more comfortable with consistent temperatures, you’ll also start saving on your monthly energy bills. At Total Home Performance, we have a 4-step process that we believe is the best way to seal crawl space vents:


  1. Moisture & Humidity Assessment 

  2. Air Sealing & Insulation

  3. Install Vapor Barrier 

  4. Dehumidifier Installation

Pest Control

Sealing your crawl space in Maryland can help keep unwanted pests out of your home. By limiting their access, you can stop these common pests:


  • Mice

  • Insects (mosquitos, ants, etc.)

  • Termites

Healthier Indoor Air Quality

As air rises in your Eastern Shore home, it brings the air from your crawl space in with it. In fact, almost half of the air we breathe in our home comes from the crawl space. If your home has a moisture or mold problem from unsealed crawl space vents, the air quality of your home could be contaminated. Crawl space encapsulation will make the air you breathe clean, dry, and healthier. 

Maryland Crawl Space Services

At Total Home Performance, we believe in a whole-house home performance model. This means that we want to make sure every part of your home is working to its best ability, including your crawl space. Our team of building scientists are certified and trained to help you evaluate the current condition of your crawl space and guide you through the process. We can even help you save up to $7,500 through the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR rebate program!


Let Total Home Performance seal the vents in your crawl space to make your Maryland home safer and more energy efficient. Call 410-670-7429 or contact us online.

Should crawl space vents be sealed?

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