What Is That Musty Smell?

If there’s a new odor in your home that’s making your face scrunch, or if a friend or neighbor has recently stepped foot inside your house and asked, “What’s that musty smell?”, you’re probably scrambling to figure out what’s going on and how you can get rid of it. If your Eastern Shore home is suddenly smelling moldy or funky, here’s what could be going on and what you should do.

Is The Musty Smell Coming From Under Your Floors?

Musty or mildewy smells are often the result of a moisture, humidity, or standing water issue somewhere in your house. There are many ways that moisture can get inside and build up in your home. Some are as common as everyday household activities like taking a shower or cooking (this is why it’s important to have working bathroom fans and stovetop exhaust vents!). Others are the result of issues with your home’s building envelope, like air leaks or cracks and gaps letting humid air or water enter your house.

But one of the most common reasons why you have moisture issues will stem from your basement or crawlspace. Most homeowners seldom travel into these unfinished areas of their homes, and so it’s easy for water to infiltrate through your foundation without you noticing or for high humidity to lead to mold growth, which would account for that unpleasant new smell in your house.

How To Get Rid of a Musty Smell in Your Home 

Once you smell something off in your house, it should be your top priority to take action. But where should you start? When you call a home performance contractor like Total Home Performance, we know exactly where to start—by identify the underlying issue, and then make our best suggestions to remedy the situation once and for all.

Schedule a humidity and moisture assessment

Water can be very tricky to trace in a home—just because you see where water or humidity is collecting in your house doesn’t mean that’s where the problem originates. Total Home Performance’s humidity and moisture assessments include a thorough inspection of your home by one of our home performance experts so you can be sure you know what’s going on in your house. From there, we’ll able to recommend the best solution or service to address your specific situation, including:

  1. Whole home dehumidification

  2. Crawlspace encapsulation or repair

  3. Mold remediation

  4. Waterproofing

Every home on the Eastern Shore is a little different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to a musty indoor smell (and if a contractor tries to tell you otherwise, call another one!). At Total Home Performance, we aren’t interested in just trying to sell you on our highest-priced service—we want to make sure that your issue is solved for good, so that six months from now you’ll still be happy you decided to call our team.

Talk to the Contractor Eastern Shore Homeowners Trust

The solution to a funky-smelling home isn’t handing out clothespins for the noses of family and friends when they come over to visit—it’s calling a trusted home performance contractor near you to identify the cause of your moldy or musty smelling home and perform high quality work to address the issue.

Total Home Performance is here for homeowners living in all Maryland Eastern Shore Counties including Kent, Talbot, Queen Anne's, Caroline, Dorchester, Wicomico, Somerset and Worcester. Plus, we’re one of the only Eastern Shore contractors whose work qualifies for Home Performance with ENERGY STAR rebates for crawlspace encapsulation, so you can feel confident that you’ll be improving your comfort, increasing your home’s energy efficiency, and saving more money.

Get rid of that moldy or mildewy smell in your house. Call (410) 822-1390 or contact us today to schedule your moisture and humidity assessment and get answers!

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