Crawl Space & Healthy Home Services in Ocean City, MD

Whether you are a year-round resident of Ocean City, or you are one of the many who turn Ocean City into the second most populated city in Maryland come summer, home comfort (and a healthy home) are of the utmost importance.  But who wants to sacrifice efficiency at the same time?

Total Home Performance is the trusted local expert in solving crawl space, humidity, air quality, and heating and cooling issues throughout Ocean City, and we are ready to put your home on a path to health and comfort!

Home Insulation, Air Sealing, and Crawl Space Encapsulation for Ocean City Homes

Your home is an interconnected system of systems, all of which can affect each other in even the smallest of ways. Whether the solution to the problem in your home is basement waterproofing with a moisture barrier, insulating your attic, air sealing your entire home, or a combination of all of them, our team of building science experts will tell you where your journey to health, comfort, and efficiency should start. 

Total Home Performance offers the following that can help address energy and comfort issues for your full time or vacation home:

Save with Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Rebates!

Since we are a Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractor, home improvements completed by Total Home Performance will qualify you for up to $7,500 in rebates. These rebates are handled by  Delmarva Power and BGE, and make it more affordable for homeowners to live in comfortable homes that reduce demand on the greater electrical grid, and reduce their carbon footprint. 

Schedule a Home Energy Audit for Your Ocean City Home Today

No two homes are ever exactly alike, so how is it that we can know which home upgrade will have the greatest impact on your whole-home comfort and health? Our Healthy Home Assessment is a careful inspection of your home’s overall health and performance. Once we have completed your healthy Home Assessment, we can show you where the issues lie, allowing us to build a whole-home solution from the ground up. 

Are you ready to say goodbye to high indoor humidity levels, poor indoor air quality, indoor temperature fluctuations,  and stay comfortable while using less energy? Partner with the whole home experts at Total Home Performance!

Suffering from moisture or poor indoor air quality in your Ocean City home? Call (410) 822-1390 or contact us today to find a healthy home solution.

Save money and improve your Ocean City home comfort.

Total Home Performance can help!

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