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Maryland’s Eastern Shore is a great place to live and raise a family, and is there a better part of the Eastern Shore than Wicomico County? Whether you live in Salisbury, the self-proclaimed “comfortable side of coastal,” Mardela Springs, Athol, or Wetipquin, there’s plenty of ways to soak up all the great things that the area has to offer, from taking the family to the Salisbury Zoo to looking forward to next year’s National Folk Festival.

Owning a home in Nanticoke and Whitehaven has plenty of perks, but true satisfaction from living in Salisbury or Fruitland comes when you have a comfortable and energy efficient home. That’s where Total Home Performance, the leading insulation and crawl space encapsulation contractor for the Tyaskin and Bivalve areas comes into play!

Insulation, Air Sealing, and Crawl Space Encapsulation for Salisbury, MD Homeowners

Low heating and cooling bills, consistent indoor temperatures in your home, clean and healthy breathing air for you and your family—these are the things that are most important to Wicomico County homeowners. So how can Total Home Performance help?


While many homeowners assume that their HVAC system is what’s responsible for affordable comfort, building scientists understand that the condition of a home has just as much to do with your home comfort and monthly costs. The condition of your home can determine how much you pay in energy bills every month, whether you’re frustrated by hot second floors in the summer or wet and musty crawl spaces and basements creating unpleasant smells and unhealthy air in your home. With Total Home Performance’s home improvement services, you can create a tight and protective thermal boundary around your home’s living spaces, helping you stay comfortable and taking the pressure off of your AC and furnace to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.


Among our many services, Total Home Performance offers the following that can help address energy and comfort issues for your Salisbury home:

Schedule a Home Energy Audit for Your Eastern Shore Home Today

Interested in improving the comfort and energy efficiency of your Salisbury MD home with insulation, air sealing, or crawl space encapsulation but not sure where to start or how to best spend your money? With a home energy audit from Total Home Performance, you’ll have a building science expert evaluate and test the current performance levels of your home.

Using advanced technology like infrared thermal imaging and blower door tests, we can measure the heat and air moving in and out of your home, and pinpoint the weak points of your house that could most benefit from home performance renovation work. With an energy audit, you can feel more confident that you’re making the right upgrades for your Maryland home.

Upgrade your Salisbury MD home today with insulation and crawl space encapsulation services from Total Home Performance. Call (410) 822-1390 or contact us today to learn more.

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