Way More Than a Crawl Space Company

If you’ve heard of Total Home Performance, it’s quite likely that you’ve spoken to a friend, family member, or neighbor who hired our crew for crawl space encapsulation—after all, it’s one of the largest problems affecting Eastern Shore homes, and for many homeowners, it’s a reliable way to improve indoor comfort and reduce heating and cooling costs.

But while we pride ourselves on being Maryland’s leading crawl space contractor, it’s not the only service we provide! In fact, Total Home Performance emphasizes a whole home approach to solving the different issues you could be experiencing in your home, and we’ll work hard to find the right solution for you.

What Does a “Whole Home Approach” Mean?

What sets Total Home Performance apart from other contractors on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and the greater Annapolis area is our whole home approach as certified building scientists. A whole home approach means understanding how all the different systems in your home, from your HVAC system to your building envelope, work together to either increase or decrease your home comfort and energy efficiency.

We’ve Got All Corners of Your House Covered!

So what home performance upgrades could benefit you and your family? Here’s a look at some of the services Total Home Performance offers, and how they can impact your home.

Attic insulation is one of the best insulation upgrades you can make in your home. In the winter, attic insulation will help you keep the heat from your furnace or heat pump inside, and help you avoid the headache and stress of dealing with ice dams. In the summer, attic insulation will keep heat from the sun from infiltrating your living spaces and creating that dreaded hot second floor.

Wall insulation helps upgrade and protect what is likely the largest surface area exposed to the outdoors in your home—your exterior walls! Contrary to what you might expect, exterior wall insulation doesn’t require messy and extensive demolition to upgrade, and combined with air sealing, you’ll have higher home comfort and lower energy bills.

Crawl space encapsulation isn’t the only home improvement work you might need in your crawl spaces! Structural repair includes addressing issues with your foundation or repairing your floor joists to avoid uneven floors or floors that sag or bounce when you put weight on them. And persistent moisture issues in your crawl space can require solutions that go above and beyond encapsulation, including French drain installation as well as mold remediation, so that you can start off on the best foot with a new and improved crawl space.

Schedule a Home Energy Audit with Total Home Performance This Fall

One of the best parts of the Total Home Performance experience is our home energy audit process. An audit involves a thorough inspection and evaluation, using advanced technology like blower door tests and infrared thermal imaging, to measure how heat and air are moving in and out of your home. Using your audit results, we can not only pinpoint exactly where your home needs work the most, but recommend specific services to address the issues you and your family are experiencing, whether it’s low comfort and indoor drafts or rising heating and cooling costs.

Plus, an energy audit with a Humidity & Moisture Assessment will also assess any potential moisture and mold issues that could be creating unhealthy air and indoor air quality problems in your home. From there we will recommend the best remediation steps, whether that be a whole home dehumidifier, whole home ventilation solutions, air sealing & insulation, or some combination thereof! With Total Home Performance, you can feel confident that we will find a solution that works and leaves you more comfortable and satisfied with your house.

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